Snapshots 2021


A selection of trends, weak signals and brand actions that inform today and shape tomorrow.

Our favourites in space design, product and services, branding, packaging and campaigns in 2021 to find inspiration and catch a glimpse of sociocultural change and emerging codes.


TrendBook #1

(RE)ACT: Creating value in a post hyper-consumption era

With the Covid-19 crisis, we have experienced lockdowns, discovered 'essential and non-essentials' goods and our life has been turned upside-down. Has the crisis also reshaped our consumption habits?

It certainly has but it is still too early to confirm whether its impact will be a long-lasting, positive one. In an optimistic scenario, this crisis would be an opportunity to thoroughly review our consumption model and redesign it. It would result in more meaningful and more respectful models in which customers would not just passively buy stuff but would also contribute to value creation.

The objective of this report is to explore 3 possible directions – buy better, buy less, buy differently – illustrated with a series of international examples that renew and rethink brand-customer relationships.


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