Anticipate change, understand emerging codes to imagine products, spaces and services that resonate with people’s (often unformulated) needs and expectations.

I am a cultural analyst with a background in semiotics and 15 years’ experience in Trend Research and Foresight.

I have worked with trend forecasting consultancies and marketing agencies for global companies on branding and innovation projects across a broad range of industries including luxury, beauty and wellbeing, retail and hospitality.

As the former editor of a Hong Kong-based design and architecture magazine, I also have a strong interest in spaces, gestures, shapes, materials and colours and in their ability to build unique experiences and customer-brand relationships.

My focal point: how brands can find inspiration in today's necessary production and consumption changes to build value and create more meaningful customer relationships.

What I do

I help brands build relevance and desirability. For today and for tomorrow.

Brand image and positioning
I investigate tangibles and intangibles to examine the narrative and cultural territories communicated by your brand.

A distinctive customer experience
I explore future scenarios to identify areas of opportunity and potential blind spots to future-proof your brand.

My services

Foresight & Trend research
• Macro trends
• Ad hoc industry and thematic reports

• Zoom in approach: packaging, product, space, campaign decoding
• Zoom out approach: analysis of (adjacent) category codes and identification of potential market opportunities

Creative Strategy
• Brand platforms
• ID books and concepts (brand universe, visual & editorial guidelines, in-store activations)