June 11, 2024

Precious vessels of beauty

Precious vessels of beauty

"Reinjecting value into everyday objects, in line with the philosophy at the core of decorative arts, i.e. even the smallest things around us can be creative vehicles, they can convey the zing created by daily expressions of beauty and add to the small pleasures of everyday life. 

The idea was: if we are to keep cosmetic jars to prevent excessive waste, they might as well tell a beautiful story that connects our know-how and a meaningful day-to-day presence."

This is how Johanna Minvielle-Sebastia, founder of skincare newcomer Hyléria, describes the concept behind the brand's bespoke, refillable jars. The jars, which are produced by master glassmaker Waltersperger, will be designed as limited editions and make up distinct collections. 

Their key features: a facetted design, beech wood caps with the brand's monogram engraved on them and a bespoke antique gold hue for the refills, all emphasizing the notions of craftsmanship and sophistication. 

This approach, which builds on the quest for beauty and excellence to imagine objects people that want to keep and that elevate everyday routines, seems to be gaining traction in the beauty industry and opening a path towards slower, more conscious consumption. 

Kindred Black

Kindred Black, whose colourful bottles are unique hand blown works of art, is probably the epitome of that philosophy: "Our Slow Beauty collection is an environmentally focused line of artful skincare, cosmetics, and botanical perfumes. More than that, it’s a different way of looking at consumption and beauty – it’s the antithesis of beauty “hauls” and a medicine cabinet packed full of half used bottles." 

Exponent Beauty

Lyma's refillable copper vessels or Exponent's patented countertop systems whose shape and carved surface conjure up ancient references a Greek column-inspired dispenser in your bathroom! are other examples, to name just a few outside the lipstick and fragrance segments. 
Refillable beauty is entering a new stage and that is great news for the planet, for artisans, for customers whose routines get upgraded and for creativity!